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Double the Fun


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VRBTrans Published on Dec 19, 2023
Why would you fuck a basic, cis-gender girl, when on VR Bangers Trans you can actually feel like banging one of those Shemale goddesses who are known for being the ultimate sexual combinations and perfect hybrids of all the needs of every horny guy out there? With brunette Shemale VR porn stars like Kimber Lee and Bailey Paris, it is no wonder that more and more males become interested in transsexual VR porn - and here, on VRBTrans.com, we are the experts of such content and you will always find something suitable for yourself amongst our huge library of TS VR porn experiences. Today we have asked ourselves a very fundamental question: why would you fuck a single TS VR porn performer when you could have two of them at the same time? That is why this week we would like to introduce our newest threesome Shemale VR porn scene to you - in Double the Fun TS VR porn video, you do not have to choose between Kimber and Bailey and you simply can have both of them at the same time! Thank god that the situation developed like that and that you can enjoy this Shemale VR porn three-way, as it would have been extremely difficult to choose a T-girl from between these two - both of these Trans ladies are amazingly hot and it is only a matter of your taste in Trans women, which one of them you find more attractive. You do not have to think about that and pick - today on VR Bangers Trans you can have them both in our latest bareback TS VR porn movie, so just wear your VR headset as soon as possible and dive inside of this sensual fantasy to get the most of their tight anals and filthy mouths hungry for your dick.
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