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TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 20, 2023
We’re in for a real trans treat, the sex sensation Katie Fox is back with a perfect shave balls sack and tricky dick, a real treat for up-the-bum fun with her British banger. We meet the talkative Katie in an elegant apartment, she’s looking hot and mischievous. She greets our man, “hi, what are you doing here”? He’s Mr tough guy with his belt she says, as she sits there in a seductive summer dress, this might well end in a mess. As there is easy access to pull down his pants, Katie wastes no time wrapping her experienced fingers around his cock and masterfully wakes it up with a warm-up wank. She tells our camera, nothing turns her on more than a nice big long smooth penis, which we can well imagine. As the cock pops up, standing to attention, it seems only right for Katie to get her juicy lips around the swollen head and go for a sneaky blowjob, these two are definitely enjoying this. Whipping off her dress we find Katie in slinky lingerie, she's looking almost every inch a lady except for her large and lively dick, which really is a transexual magic wand and we just know Katie Fox can work her magic. This time there is no pulling a rabbit out of the hat, no, it's more fun to shove a cock up her tight little asshole. Our man slips his prick deep up her chocolate starfish and pumps her asshole as she squeals like a little pig with the joy of a good old ass fuck. Time to flip on her back, she takes it almost as if she had a fanny crack, up it goes front on, our VR rig right as if you were the one up her bum, she’s agile and flexible we see. These two are all worked up and we see Katie's cock is as hard as a rock after that bum banging. She takes her long throbbing cock in hand and finishes up with a wonderful wank. Squirty and flirty, she’s so fucking dirty. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.
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