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Cum Martina Cum


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VirtualTaboo Published on Dec 23, 2023
Martinas boyfriend has been out of town on business for nearly two weeks. She cant wait to see him and has even bought new lingerie to make sure that he is welcomed home in a special way. Being without him and the regular sex he gives her has made the beautiful young brunette so horny she can hardly contain herself. She plans to greet him in the sexy outfit and ravage him the second he gets home. The outfit is so revealing, with just a string between her cheeks. The top is even more daring with thin straps around the breasts, leaving them totally exposed. Moving around her bedroom, Marina feels the tiny garment hugging her flesh and loves how exposed it makes her. She imagines her boyfriends reaction and it makes her pussy wet knowing how turned on he will be. She is so horny thinking about his cock that she cant wait any longer. Martina gets out her vibrator and presses it against her clit. It feels amazing and she spreads her legs as wide as she can for maximum pleasure. As it buzzes on her pussy, Martina dreams of her man putting his cock into her. She is lost in the fantasy and pushing herself to climax so loud that she doesnt hear him come in. She may have started without him, but he will be joining her immediately.
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