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Your VR Girlfriend

Starring: Sybil A

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VirtualTaboo Published on Dec 24, 2023
Sybil has lost her job and her home after she caught her boyfriend cheating. With no place to go, she moved in with her sister and her new husband. She is happy to have a place to live and support during this difficult time. She has noticed her brother in law sneaking glances at her around the house. Sybil knows she shouldnt encourage him, but he is handsome and she cant help herself. She starts wearing revealing outfits, giving him plenty to see whenever possible. One day when her sister is at the gym, Sybil does laundry in a sheer top and G-string, pretending not to notice when he stares. She reassures him that it is OK to look and wants to thank him for letting her stay in the house. He doesnt want to cheat so Sybil tells him to just sit back and watch as she takes off her top and lets him stare at her hard nipples. She confesses to having a crush on him and notices how hard his cock is getting in his pants. Sybil asks him to show her his cock. Her sister has bragged about how big he is. Taking off her G-string, she tells him to stroke it while she starts rubbing her pussy. They stare at each other, increasing the speed of their stroking until he cums all over his lap and she covers her fingers in her juices. Can they resist the temptation to take it further?
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