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Taste Me Instead


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TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 25, 2023
Why is it that transexual VR porn is so tantalising? We are in for a real meat-beating treat as the ridiculously hot amber Violett with the hot bot is back. Up her skirt, she’s hiding her prick and balls sack. Take a long “hard” look at Amber, a leggy trans standing 181cm, that’s 5,’11” Amber is in her mid-30s, and she’s got the complete package for voyeur VR transexual porn viewers. It seems Amber is a little peckish. For some reason we don’t think she’s a “sexual vegetarian’ and is only too happy to swallow a guy’s prick milking it dry of all its excitement. In the apartment, Amber Violett is dressed in a shimmering pink dress, this could end up a mess. A fit-looking pizza delivery guy arrives with a hot sticky multi-inch treat in the box. Understandably the attraction is mutual and they can’t hold back urges and needs, Amber’s stunning body is too much for our pizza man and it's inevitable that her silicon boobs will be out and about, and her cock jumps from a flop to as hard as a rock. Stroking the delivery guy's penis as she pulls it out of his jeans, there can be no faking the attraction, there is no hiding the erection and physical connection. Wrapping her lipstick glossy lips around his throbbing cock, Mr Pizza is feeling his bollocks tingle with excitement, running his hands over her firm athletic British transexual beauty it means that it's time to get really raunchy. The urge to butt fuck each other is impossible to stop, grinding away, this is real sexual play. Taste Me Instead, and look at the menu, a special 69 sausage salami. We all like the 69 positions, but a trans 69 can only mean a sausage swap as they both wrap lips around pricks and lick balls into a frenzy of filth. We predict that sticky fingers will be licked and not just pizza will taste good. Bon appetit. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.
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