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Stefanie is Back


tsvirtuallovers VR Porn Profile
TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 26, 2023
Transexual diva Stefanie is Back and she has that mischievous look in her eyes. We are in the white silky-draped room, and a man in a suit walks in. “Stefanie, you look stunning, it took a long time to book you” he says. Dressed in red and ready for bed, Stefanie is clearly not sleepy. “Suit you Stef”? Indeed, although she looks quite the lady, Stefanie’s cock has hardened, it’s as stiff as a broomstick. Who is our man in the suit? This is clearly a punter who has a thing for some hot tranny sex, a wonderfully erotic fantasy transformed into VR Porn. He’s clearly gagging to get his hands on Stefanie. He starts playing with her nipples' enjoying the silicon sensations, tweaking them to start things off. It won’t be long until some grinding and grunting are inevitable. Let’s set the scene, our VR Porn bedroom has horny Stefanie clad in red silky lingerie, the silky sensations make her cock and bollocks tingle with a tranny banging urge to rock some cock and milk it until it pops. Stefanie loves a man in a suit, although he’s not quite a 00 James Bond, we think he’s got a “license to drill”, up Stefanie’s asshole with his dick. Having had a bit of a grope of Stef’s tits, our man's hand moves onto Stefanie’s stiff dick as he starts to wank her tranny banger. Stef’s knob is out and about, what might happen next, we wonder? That suit is coming off our man just as fast as Stefanie can, she rides her long elegant fingers over his athletic body provoking his cock to swell and his bollocks to tingle with excitement. Now Stefanie sucks the guy off, she wraps her succulent red painted lips around his swollen bell-end and bobs up and down on his cock shaft, looks like they are both enjoying the blowjob. They explore each other, both naked they rub dicks together excitedly. Stefanie is badly in need of an ass fuck, that guy's cock is ready to rock and he inserts it up her chocolate starfish and buggers her butthole as she squeals with delight. Our VR Porn rig gets you all up close and personal as he bangs Stefanie up the asshole going for it like a rampant rabbit. Stefanie's on top and we get the perfect VR Porn floppy cock and bollocks shot. The question is, is it more fun to cum up the bum or over the other one? We will let you decide on that. Wank you very much for watching. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.
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