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Sister Is My Sex Drive

Starring: Mia Rose

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VirtualTaboo Published on Dec 28, 2023
Mia Rose is young and pretty enough to get anything and anyone she wants. She was truly spoiled when it came to men which made it ever so frustrating that her new stepbrother didnt even notice her. His indifference made her desire to fuck him even greater. Mia decided she was finally going to have what she wanted. When brother comes home, he sees Mia cooking in just her panties and an apron. She knows he is there and after letting him watch for a few minutes tells him to stop spying and come out. His cock is hard in his pants and Mia knows that she finally has his attention. Showing him her tits, she asks to taste his cock. It is even better than she had hoped and Mia is close to cumming when they are interrupted by the sound of her mother coming home. They have to stop, but Mia cant wait to get a second shot at brothers big cock. The next day Mia sneaks into a cupboard where her mother has some money hidden. Brother sees her and Mia offers to let him put his dick between her tits if he promises not to tell. Seeing his cock get hard again she doesnt care hey get caught. Mia wants him in her mouth and starts sucking his dick. They are both so turned on from the night before so it doesnt take long before he pulls out and shots all over her body. Mia smiles, knowing that she always gets what she wants, even if its brothers cock.
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