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US Trans Compilation


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TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 28, 2023
So, you love transexual VR Porn, Let's see just how much you can handle. In our bollocks-blowing bonanza of shemale babes, we’ve combined a cum load of stars who will send you into delirious wanking frenzies. Here we go, peckers up the pooper with Ryder Monroe, a tranny with a stiff hard cock, being all American we might wonder “how hot is her hotdog”? We bet you can see the future in The Clairvoyant. Bend and open, Korra Del Rio, because although she totally looks like a fit chick, she’s got a big dick. She hypnotised our VR transsexual lovers already, her twitching bell-end struggles with the urge to cum emptying her balls all over a partner's face and all over the place. Blonde’s, Kayleigh Coxx. Coxx by name, cocks by nature, yes, Kayleigh is a blow job obsessive, not until she’s provoked a swollen cock tip into a point of uncontrollable orgasms is she happy and she’s got the smoothest, spank-able ass. We know where she wants a cock to go. Maybe Crystal M is more to your taste? and we know you’d love to lick and find out. Crystal likes a ball, but best of all she loves anal sex right deep inside her tight little asshole. She loves a big dick in her little chocolate starfish so she can grind and moan like a dirty bitch. We know Crystal can hold off blowing her load so long it's almost criminal. Talking of criminals, Kendall Penny, for our voyeur VR Porn viewers, Kendal “had sex with a prisoner”. This slinky little minx was not as such “banged up”, but simply banged up the asshole. If you really fancy an expertly crafted hand-job, or a blow job, either way, a swollen dick can only take so much sucking and stroking, then you will love to see Shiri Allwood. She has the right name. Shiri loves a woody and she “would” stroke you into a sticky ending. Neither a blonde nor brunette, Shiri is a rampant redhead, and possibly a “ginger nut”. If that’s still not enough to have you jerking off your chairs, let's wrap up with one that will make you dizzy, Kendra Sinclaire, with that filthy look in her eyes and a big hard hardon between her thighs, this ravishing and mischievous brunette is one you will not forget. She likes to have a crafty transexual wank up close for our cameras, showing off her arousal and cock stroking talents no doubt. We don’t know if all of these trannies were “Born in the USA”, but some of them have been “Bossing it”. We can see there is plenty of “Horn in the USA” in our US Trans Compilation. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.
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