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TS Psychotherapist


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TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 29, 2023
Most people visit a psychotherapist to deal with matters of the mind. We think it’s much more likely that Brittney Kade will actually drive you out of your mind with desire, let's see. Get ready for a red-hot transgirl VR Porn session. Dressed in a blouse almost unable to host her silicon boobs this seems like the therapy we dream of, look at those long legs in high heels and the kind of skirt we would just love to slip our hands up all the way to the panties and grope about a bit. Brittney Kade is playing the role of a therapist. Can she fix a sex addiction issue for a client? In her soft American tones, she has our guy on the couch and she advises him that “extensive therapy is needed today”, and fuck me, she looks like she means business. As fast as you can say, “I’ve shot my load”, she’s got her ginormous tits out and saddles the “patient”, taking his cock in hand and starting to blow him off. Oh no, she’s so good, his balls have that unmistakable tingle, the kind of tingle that has a mind of its own and becomes too hard to control. This is really why we say transsexual performers know all the right moves to load explode an erect cock and empty the balls. And there is more to cum, we want to see her bum. And there we are, the money shot perhaps, Brittney backs up to our VR Porn camera and slaps her sweet little ass right in our faces. Her anal slot, prick and balls are right up close and very personal. We bet you are desperately trying to control the urge to have a wank at this scene. Off come Brittney’s boots, and there we see her expertly squeezing the guy's cock up her ass as he plays with her tits. She grinds and pumps that asshole with a real passion, and our man wank’s her sizeable shemale dick as they really get going. It’s a surprise she’s not blowing just yet. Brittany still has her kinky boots on, look at those long legs clad in silky black stockings, her panties long ago whipped off. She’s on her back and our man has some work to do, he sucks and jerks off her “Willy Wonka”. We bet they both like a visit to the “chocolate factory”. Now, this VR Porn video deserves some extra mention about our expert camera team. We are treated to every angle we can think of, from above we get to see the raging hard-on, the wanking, the bum banging, faces contorted at the joy of transgirl porn perfection and the results are conclusive, “a sticky erection”. Ladies & gentlemen and transexuals, we have brought you some “gender fluid”, We know you loved Brittney Kade. After that, I think we all need some therapy. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.
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