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Midwest to Sin City


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TSVirtualLovers Published on Jan 1, 2024
The reputation of Las Vegas is legendary, gamblers, party life and sex are part of the DNA of what’s known to the world as Sin City. Stunning trans-girl Ashley Aspen is a classic sexy vixen who can add a little more sin to the city and she’s looking for a new apartment. Dressed in a sexy cream dress and tall white boots, she looks a hot looker and almost makes you want to wank off at her with her clothes on. Using her provocative body, she plays a little innocent, her pretty face offset by her long silky blonde hair. As she admires the apartment, the landlord admires Ashley, does he know what’s hiding in her silky panties? Trying to leverage sex in exchange for a better rent deal our landlord starts groping Ashley's silicone tits. They are indeed, an impressive pair too, fantastic nipples. Unable to control his swelling cock as an erection takes a mind of its known, our landlord finds Ashley’s lips around his bell-end as she gently strokes his penis shaft causing his balls to tingle as the blowjob has his full attention and full erection. Our VR Porn camera loves this scene, Ashley is having her dick played with and her boobs groped as she sucks off our guy, just look at the look on her face. Now for some transexual sex magic, Ashley sits on to facing our camera, she’s landed her ass on his pelvis and they grind cocks together, both worked up into a state of excitement, Ashley wants his cock up her anus, in it goes. Her tight hole feels it deep inside, she wanks off as she gets a good fuck up the bum and by the look of the smile on her face, it’s fun. What do you think about Ashley’s impressive penis? It’s an impressive shape and size, it can be a blowjob mouthful, a wanker’s handful and a deep poker up the ass for a good buggering. And that’s what they both want more of, they change position. The guy’s cock goes in again, pushing and sliding into her chocolate brown star. They fuck with him banging her ass from behind, our camera angles from above capture such an intimate perspective of action they leave little to the imagination. This time we want you to use your imagination, if you were with Ashley Aspen and her hard long swollen cock, would you prefer to take that cock up your ass or be the one slipping his prick up her asshole? Your choice. TSVirtualLovers take you there in VR
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