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Powerful Massage


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TSVirtualLovers Published on Jan 3, 2024
Feeling stiff? Well, it’s time for a massage with the skilful hands of Diosa Diamante. She has a transexual VR Porn touch, a great body and a cock. She meets a mind-blowing brunette. Starting normally enough, touching the stunning Venezuelan girl, Sheila Ortega. The squirts of baby oil ooze into her skin and trans-girl Diosa slips her fingers into her bikini bottoms and fondles her moist cunt. Sheila’s turned on by the frizzy-haired fuckery and starts giving Diosa a blow job laying on her back on the massage table. Now, Diosa has a powerful transexual body, with a big cock that likes to bang any hole, fanny, and anus, in it goes, thrusting back and forth. On the show goes. Slipping' the dick into Sheila’s wet fanny flaps, a highly sexually charged fuck session is underway. It’s trans-girl and girl giving it a pounding, it’s time for a banging from behind. Next, Diosa slips her cock between the 36F fake boobs, although they look like the real deal. It’s tit wank time. The baby oil makes the between the boobs nice and smooth. But, the cum has yet to come, time to get hands-on for a wank, and Diosa jerks off over her body, playing with her cock and balls until the erection reaches its sticky perfection. Clearly, Venezuelans are a sex-mad bunch, that was a Powerful Massage. TSVirtualLovers take you there in VR.
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