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Micas Ep 4 Pure TS Pleasure


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RealityLovers Published on Jan 23, 2024
During the shooting of Mica’s House of Pornstars, Kimber Lee and Bailey Paris had a moment to themselves. It was a great opportunity for them to get even closer. The more dominant Kimber Lee started playing around with a VR headset, which immediately got Bailey’s interest. She was very much up for anything Kimber Lee was doing, just to be in her presence. Opportunity not taken is an opportunity lost – that is the motto these two lovely girls took to heart. The scene was set for some of the hottest TS sex. Needless to say, there is a lot of toys they were about to try out. So, they looked at each other with a smirk -- let the fun begin! Both TS ladies proceed to move to the couch, gently caressing each others’ breasts, kissing and fondling each other’s genitals. Next, their cocks pop out of their tight underwear for some intense sucking and licking. They rub their shafts together in all manner of ways before inserting them into each other. First Bailey is on the receiving end being drilled by Kimber Lee and vice versa. Soon thereafter sex toys enter the scene. Then the girls ride each other cowgirl style, while next order of business is sideways penetration. Being in great sync all along, both manage to climax at the same time. That was some pure TS pleasure!
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