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VirtualTaboo Published on Feb 4, 2024
Growing up with a hot stepsister like Lady Gang wasnt easy. She used to run around the house half naked and you had to be on your best behavior. More than once you locked yourself in your room with your VR Headset and watched some hot VR-Porn to avoid getting caught staring. It didnt get any easier when she came out as a lesbian. Now she had hot girlfriends over all the time, fueling your forbidden fantasies. Still, you did your best not to let anyone know how you felt. Then one day, she totally blew you away. Your hot step-sister introduced you to her new girlfriend Katarina. Seeing the two of them together is enough to drive you crazy, but then they drop the bombshell. They want to have family and your step-sister wants you to be the one to knock up her girlfriend. It is something straight out of a VR Fantasy scene, but Katarina confirms it, telling you she wants you to be the father. She notices you looking at both of them and they start to play together. You cant believe your luck as your stepsister and her girlfriend start stripping and coaxing you out of your clothes. They can see how hard you are getting and Katarina likes what she sees. Lady gets on the couch next to her girlfriend and spreads her legs just as wide as Katarina. They finger themselves while begging for you to come over and put your load inside of Katrina’s sweet pussy. Who knows, maybe if you do a really good job of putting your seed in her girlfriend, your slutty lesbian stepsister will let you fuck her tight twat at a bonus.
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