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Bye Bye 2020


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VirtualTaboo Published on Feb 8, 2024
After a long year of disappointment, Kaisa Nord and Scarlett Jones are looking forward to a wonderful holiday celebration. In this VR porn scene, they get bad news when their mother informs them that her flight has been cancelled and she will not be able to return from her business trip in time for Christmas. Instead, the girls have to spend the holiday with their creepy new stepfather. He is dark, weird and they are both a little afraid of him. When they go into the bedroom to tell him that their mother will not be home, the girls get a look at him in the shower. They linger and watch him shower, scurrying away when he looks towards them. Afraid he will be angry when he comes out, the girls wait by the tree until their stepfather joins them. He looks at them sternly, not saying a word but motioning towards his feet. The sisters are intimidated to his strength and kneel before their stepfather as he pulls out his cock. Drawn to his dark dominance, they take turns sucking and stroking him. They can feel his power over them as he orders them to strip and get on the floor. The stunning picture of High Definition Virtual Reality puts you right in the action through your VR Headset. Scarlett is first, bending over while Kaisa holds her open to allow their stepfather to fuck her tight pussy. He takes control and fucks both teens any way he wants, driving his dick deep and hard. They have never been controlled by a man this way and find themselves unable to resist his sexual charisma. He has them both cumming on his cock and begging to suck the load out of his big cock. By the time he puts them to bed, the girls are completely under his control and cant wait for more.
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