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Escaped Bride

Starring: Alyx Star

realjamvr VR Porn Profile
RealJamVR Published on Feb 18, 2024
Alyx Star is a happy newlywed and she wears a beautiful dress with a veil and holds a beautiful bouquet in her hands when she enters the room. She is supposed to spend time with her husband but she decides to celebrate the beginning of her married life with a talented and well-hung dude. So, Alyx Star leaves the party to spend time with her lover. They have only about 30 minutes so she doesn’t waste any time, gets rid of her dress, and jumps right onto the dude’s dick. You could say that it’s not good to start the married life with cheating but Alyx Star takes off the wedding ring before taking the dude’s dick into her mouth and into her sweet pussy. If there is no ring, then it’s no cheating, right? Luckily, she doesn’t forget to put it back after the dude cums all over her boobs.
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