I Can Nail Myself

Starring: Mary Rock

Mary Rock has never been a very good driver and recently has run into some very bad luck. Last week she crashed her car for the sixth time. Her mom and stepfather decided to teach her a lesson by taking the car away. Now she cant get out to see her friends or visit her boyfriend. She tried passing the time with VR-Porn, but she needs to get some real dick soon. Since her older stepbrother has a car, Mary has a plan to get a ride and the dick she needs. It starts when she serves you breakfast in her skimpy nightclothes. Mary can tell from the look on your face that she has your attention. She catches you peeking at her while she serves you breakfast and decides the time is right to ask you for the favor. You refuse at first, saying you dont want to drive her to the mall, but Mary flashes a little skin and promises to show you more if you will help her out. That is a deal too good for you to pass up and you watch her lose her clothes and run her hands all over her tight young body. You start stroking your dick while your stepsister encourages you. Mary spreads her legs wide and lets you get a good look at her juicy wet slit. She starts thinking about how good your big dick would feel inside of her while her fingers slide in and out. As you both begin to cum she tells you that after her trip to the mall she is going to fuck your brains out. That is an offer you simply cant refuse.
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