Bathroom Sin

Starring: Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn VR is very excited. She has been invited to her first college party. It is going to be amazing and all of the popular students will be there. She is running late and needs to take a shower if she hopes to make it on time. Her stepbrother is already in the bathroom and about to take a shower for his big date. Knowing that she needs to convince the shower first, Kate tries to distract you. She knows that your girlfriend is a prude and the only outlet you get is from watching VR-Porn so she teases you. She sits on the edge of the tub and asks you about her outfit, watching as you stare her up and down. She can see by the bulge in your pants that she has your attention so Kate makes her offer. If you let her take a shower first, she will let you watch the whole time. You cant turn down an opportunity like that and sit back while she gets naked and into the shower. As you watch the water caress her naked flesh, Kate encourages you to take out your cock and stroke it. Your girlfriend isnt going to fuck you, so you might as well cum watching her. To help you, she turns the spray to her horny little pussy and starts masturbating in front of you. Having you so close stroking your dick while she plays with herself turns Kate on and she is cumming in record time.
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