Look What I Got Boy

Starring: Lisa Gali

Tired of being ignored by her new husband, Lisa Gali VR is horny and in need of some attention. She knows if she goes out looking for a new cock, he will become suspicious and angry. That leaves her only one option, her new stepson who lives in the house. When he isnt in class, he spends all of his time in his room playing video games and watching VR-Porn. One evening when her husband is working late again, Lisa puts on some sexy lingerie that she bought for their anniversary. She adds some of her hottest heels and strolls into the room where her stepson is busy on his phone. It takes you a moment to notice her standing there, but when you do you stare open-mouthed until you move to cover her obvious bulge. She tells you not to cover it up and turns around to show you her exposed ass. Taking off her top she convinces you to take out your cock and stroke it for her. You know it is wrong, but your stepmother is so hot and shows you more with each stroke of your eager meat. Seeing how turned on you make Lisa wet and she slides her fingers into her panties to show you how ready she is. Watching you stroke your big hard cock drives her crazy as she spreads her legs and touches her clit. It is a race to see who will cum first, but no matter who wins, they arent finished but just beginning.
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