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VirtualTaboo Published on Mar 30, 2024
Leidy De Leon is about to send her stepdaughter Jenny off to college. The beautiful 19-year-old blonde has been sheltered her whole love, attending all-girls schools and never being allowed to date. Leidy knows that she will face new temptations in college and wants her to avoid any mistakes that might derail her education. In this VR porn scene, she decides to give her a care package and an education in taking care of her natural sexual urges without any detrimental effects. The box includes a VR headset with some porn sites to keep her busy as well as a huge dildo like the one Leidy uses when her husband is not around. Embarrassed and unsure how to use her new gifts, Jenny is stunned when Leidy helps her out of her dress and gives her a demonstration. The toy looks impossibly big, but Leidy tells her that with the right preparation, it is just the right size. The key is to make sure everything is well lubricated and that starts with licking the full length of the monster. Jenny has never sucked a cock before but Leidy gives her tips on how to make it nice and wet. When she is ready, she tells Sharon to rub her clit while watching as her horny stepmom slips the massive dildo into her pussy. Turned on by what she sees and also from her own fingers rubbing her tight teenage pussy, Jenny finds herself climaxing at the same time as Leidy. The first lesson is over, but now it’s Jenny’s turn to feel that monster dong inside of her.
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