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VirtualTaboo Published on Apr 3, 2024
Natasha 10 and her friends Daniela Ortiz and Valentina Milan have been working hard on their new twerking routine. They are hoping that videos of them shaking their asses will go viral and attract the attention of a local company shooting VR Fantasy porn. In order to get some really good angles, the girls enlist the help of Natasha’s stepfather. When the camera rolls, the girls go through their routine, dancing, teasing and shaking their asses. They know it needs to be extra sexy if they are going to attract enough attention to land a contract. Watching your stepdaughter and her friends dance is turning you on and making it difficult to hold the camera steady. When they turn around, they give you a big surprise, pulling down their tops to expose their tits. They are all perky, but Natasha is especially busty and garners most of your attention. To really turn up the heat, they strip all the way naked and bend over for the camera. Those horny, tight assholes all look good, but Natasha’s stands out and you cant take your eyes off of her. She attracts plenty of attention from her friends who suck on her big-tits and finger her dripping pussy. You watch them play with each other, filming every second of the debauchery until they tell you to take your cock out and join them. You pump his prick, matching their rhythm until you can hold back no longer. Will you bust your load in your hand or put your cock into this trio of tempting teen twats?
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