I Know All My Buttons

Starring: Lya Missy

Lya Missy VR is so excited for summer. After being cooped up inside for so long she is looking forward to getting out, hitting the beach and spending time with friends. She has some new summer outfits that she hopes will get her some attention from all the boys she has met at college. Wanting to test them out, she models her favourite outfit for her stepbrother, asking him if he thinks she looks sexy. Her shorts are so small that her ass cheeks are visible and you are clearly uncomfortable looking at your stepsister this way. That only turns her on. If the clothes can make you look at her with such lust, then the other boys dont stand a chance. She pulls her shorts up between her cheeks to expose her ass and loves the way you respond. Teasing you she promises to show you more if you will take out your cock and show her how much her outfit is turning you on. You agree, pumping your cock hard and fast while she strips down. Lya tells you to pretend you are watching VR porn and to enjoy the show. You watch as she opens her long legs and rubs the wet lips of her tight, pink pussy. Her fingers slide in as she watches you pump your prick with a lustful look in your eyes. The pretty blonde can tell that her outfit is going to inspire plenty of horny looks and cums all over her fingers thinking of how many of them she is going to fuck.
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