I Am All Yours

Starring: Laura Boomlock

Laura Booblock has a big evening planned with her husband for their anniversary. She has prepared a special dinner and purchased some brand new sexy lingerie. It has been a long time since they have been intimate and she suddenly feels self-conscious about the new outfit. With no one else home, she enlists the help of her stepson, hoping he will tell her his honest opinion about the black lace lingerie. She walks into his room while he is watching VR-Porn and asks him to take a look. Your initial reaction is shock at seeing your stepmother so scantily dressed, but your smile and the bulge in your pants tell her what she wanted to know. Not only is the outfit perfect for what she has planned, but now she can see that you want a piece of her soft curves. Laura pulls out her tits and shakes them in front of your eyes. She assures you that it will be all right if you take your cock out and stroke it. In fact, if you do it to her liking, she might even take off more for you. It is obvious that you love her huge tits so she falls back on the bed, pushing them together. Spreading her legs and rubbing her pink lips, she pokes her pussy in rhythm with your strokes. Faster and faster they go until you are both on the edge. She hasnt been so turned on in years and knows she wants to bust. Laura pushes you over the edge by telling you that if you cum for her, she will let you fuck her giant tits next time. Who can resist that?
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