I Want Them All

Starring: Anita Blanche

Anita Blanche is a woman with intense sexual desires and needs. She also has very expensive taste, when she had the opportunity to marry a rich man, she jumped at the chance. While he provides for her outside of the bedroom, he is too busy and ill-equipped to satisfy her sexually. Anita has had plenty of opportunities to cheat but wants to stay faithful. To satisfy her urges, she has a favourite sex toy that she breaks out as often as she can. It is huge and heavy in her hands, at least three times the size of her husband’s cock and makes her so horny. After sucking it, she slides it into her asshole and is so busy pleasing herself that she doesnt notice when her stepson and his friends walk in. In this VR porn video, she explains to you that your father’s cock is too small to satisfy her and begs you not to tell him about her special toy. You agree but have an idea to assure your secrecy and take care of her problem. She can take on all three of them at once. Anita cant believe her eyes and you and your pals take out your cocks. They are all hard and twice the size of her husband’s sad little member. Having seen her stuffing her ass with the toy, you waste no time ramming your meat right between her cheeks while she greedily sucks off your friend. His sizable salami makes her hole gape and knows that she has two more to try. One at a time, her young lovers shoot loads into her freshly fucked asshole. Now that she knows how well hung her stepson is, Anita knows she wont need to spend so much time with her toy.
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