Morning Seduction

Starring: Asia Vargas

Asia Vargas has married a handsome man with a great house and enough money to completely spoil her. Well, almost completely. He works so hard that he rarely has time to satisfy his beautiful and always horny young wife. Craving male attention, she puts on some sexy lingerie she bought for her husband and decides to wake up his handsome son with a special VR show. You wake up and are stunned to see your sexy stepmother with her ass completely exposed just inches from your face. She notices you covering up this hard-on with the blanket and knows that she has your full attention. Teasing you, she tells you how lonely it gets when your father is working, how she longs to be touched, kissed, fucked. She points to the bulge under the sheets and tells you that she knows you watched Virtual Taboo VR-Porn scenes and knows she turns you on. Encouraging you to take your cock out and stroke it, she shows you how hard her nipples are as she tells you all about the forbidden fantasies she has had about you alone in your room. You both know you have never had a woman this hot and she opens her legs to finger her sweet, wet hole. Watching you pleasure yourself turns her on even more. She asks you if you would like to see her cum and promises to let you taste her juices if you shoot your load for her. You both climax and Asia lives up to her promise, letting you suck her fingers clean while she promises to visit you more often.
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