Big Butt For The Win

Starring: Amy Amor

Amy Amor is trying her best to fit in at her new college. It isnt easy at a new school, in a new town and she has decided that entering and winning the twerk contest is the best way to make new friends. She feels that her skills are pretty good and she knows that she has an ass that all the boys love. Amy gets frustrated trying to watch the VR video playback of her practice because she just cant get the right angles. Noticing her stepbrother watching, she asks he will help her by filming as she perfects her booty-shaking movies. You take the phone and film while she shakes her ass. When she turns around to ask you a question, Amy notices that you have a bulge in your jeans and that it’s huge. Deciding to tease you, she pulls off her top and takes down her shorts to continue her twerk practice. When she turns around to ask you how you are enjoying her moves, Amy sees that you have your cock in your hand. It is long and throbbing while you stroke it. Without a word, you bury your dick into her wet pussy from behind as in the VR porn video and Amy pushes back hard to make sure every inch fills her folds. Amy picks up the pace, squeezing her tits around your meat before mounting up and twerking her cheeks on your pole. Feeling it throb inside of her, Amy drops to the floor and jerks you off until you explode all over her face.
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