Trophy For Sis

Starring: Angie Lynx

Angie Lynx has a very special and particular fetish. She likes to collect and save semen from each of her lovers. The promiscuous blonde teen even keeps her collection of half-full condoms on a special board that she has hidden under her bed. After her latest conquest, she is attaching the rubber from their encounter. Proud of her conquests she gets a little too caught up in the sexy memories and doesnt notice when her stepbrother comes into her room. She tries to cover the board, but you have already seen too much. Your parents are very strict and would freak out if they found out, so Angie begs you not to tell. You cant believe this. For months you have been watching taboo VR porn while masturbating thinking of your sexy slut of a stepsister. You agree not to tell if she will add you to her board. At first, she is shocked, but when she sees the big bulge in your pants, Angie starts to warm up to the idea. She does love a nice big cock in her mouth and it’s not like you are her real brother after all. Once she starts sucking your dick, her pussy gets wet and she just has to ride on you. You ask about a rubber, but she tells you that she used her last one on the guy earlier. Angie wants you to fuck her hole bare and immediately creams all over your meat. You pound on her and right before you are about to explode she has you cum in her mouth. With a smile, she pulls out a rubber, spits the load in and adds her horny stepbrother to her board of conquests.
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