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Lust In Your Eyes

Starring: Leria Glow

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VirtualTaboo Published on May 19, 2024
Leria Glow has been hiding a dark secret for years. She has grown up with her older stepbrother and has developed feelings that go beyond brother and sisterly love. Tired of fantasizing about him while watching VR taboo-porn, she wants to reveal her true feelings and make a confession. Her stepbrother comes into her room and tries not to look at her in her sexy outfit. She confesses that she has been peeking at you in the shower and that she is impressed by what youre working with. You are embarrassed and uncomfortable as she begs to make it up to you. She is sorry for peeking and thinks you should see her naked to make up for her wicked deed. You try to tell her that it is OK and try to leave the room, but she bends over and shows you her firm ass. The fishnet stockings accentuate her curves perfectly and you cant help but stare. In this VR porn video, she sees your cock growing in your pants and decides to tell you the rest of her secret. Not only does she want to see your cock, but she wants it inside of her on the regular. Her feelings are just too strong and she is tired of waiting. You cant believe what she is saying, but as she leans back on her bed and spreads her legs, you take out your cock and starts pumping it in your fist. Your stepsister’s pussy is the tightest, wettest, most inviting that you have ever seen. She slips her fingers inside and tells you that her body is all yours if you will only take it. As she sees you explode all over the bed, Leria cums on her fingers. The only thing left to do next time is taking it all the way.
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