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Delivery Girls Do It Better

Starring: Avery Black

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VRBangers Published on May 19, 2024
Do you often find yourself ordering things online and waiting for them to arrive in the hands of a courier? And what if that delivery guy is late for the umpteenth time in a row? Would you report such incompetence to his company? And what if it wasn't a guy but a sexy female courier? Does that change the character of things? In the world of high-end VR porn from VR Bangers, it does! ”Delivery Girls Do It Better” is a VR porn video. It's the latest high-end virtual reality scene from VRBangers. It has this very theme. One of the hottest porn stars, Avery Black, will play the woman in the scene. But what's the problem with her? You already know. We know you love her and are sure you couldn't be mad at this Asian VR porn model for too long. So she'll be late again today. But, we are sure you two will find a solution. It will help both sides of the conflict. What kind of solution are we talking about? Well, you should start by asking the girl to check the contents of your delivery? Why? Today, the long-awaited sex toys have arrived at your place. And, Avery's body seems like a perfect way of testing them out right now. In this UHD 8K VR porn video, you two will use her whole body! Sounds like a good way of making this little problem go away? Thanks to this latest Avery Black VR porn movie and your favourite VR headset you can give her a solid pounding. This will make sure she'll remember to never be late with your delivery, ever again.
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