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How Do You Like It

Starring: St Martha

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VirtualTaboo Published on May 20, 2024
Martha’s mother always worked hard to provide a good life for her daughter. Sometimes she worked so hard that Martha wondered if she even realized she was all grown up. When her mother bought her a new bathing suit, Martha was embarrassed because it seemed completely wrong for someone about to go off to college. Since her stepfather is home, she calls him into her room and asks for his opinion. You look at her and know right away what the problem is. Does your wife not realize that Martha is eighteen and needs something more appropriate? You try not to laugh, but she notices another reaction to her outfit. Her stepfather has a huge boner in his pants. She wonders if you have been watching stepdaughter porn on your VR headset when mom is away. When she starts taking off her clothes, you try to leave, but she asks you to stay. She wants her mom to know she is all grown up and hopes that she can prove it to her stepdad so he can tell her. Of course, you dont have to tell mommy everything. Like for example if you want to take out your cock and pump it while looking at her body. That could be a special secret between the two of you. You cant resist and start jerking off while she slowly peels off her clothes and rubs her sweet, wet slit. She is better than all girls from your VR porn videos. It isnt long before your dick explodes in your hand, shooting your load right at the horny teen. Mommy may not know it, but she is all grown up and next time she wants daddy to show her how to fuck like a big girl.
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