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Meet My Bestie

Starring: Ariana Shine, Matty

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 18, 2024
Ariana Shine is one of the most popular girls in school. When Matty and her stepbrother moved to town, she quickly befriended the new girl to make the transition to a new college easier. Matty is happy to have a friend and invites Ariana to spend the weekend. They get along well and decide to watch some VR porn videos together. Seeing her new friend in a sexy outfit gives Matty an idea. She decides to introduce Ariana to her stepbrother and she is down for some naughty fun. The mutual attraction is obvious from the start and Ariana seems to be turned on by the fact that Matty and her sexy step sibling have more than an ordinary relationship. In this VR porn video, the girls get playful and start to undress one another. Ariana is turned on because you dont leave and is getting visibly excited at the sight of your stepsister’s soft tits. It is so kinky, but Ariana is getting turned on as she realizes what is happening. Matty loves bringing home girls to share with you and you really seem to like Ariana. You stare at both of them naked on the bed and tell your stepsister’s new friends the rules. You dont fuck either of them until they have fucked each other. Ariana has never been with another girl, but the thought turns her on enough to cum right in front of you. Matty cums with her friends, coating her fingers with juices just moments before your fire a huge load in their direction. You cant wait to get your hands on your horny stepsister and her hot friend.
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