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Starring: Eliza Eves

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 18, 2024
Eliza Eves is pissed at her boyfriend. On the weekend of her birthday, he is out of town with his boys having a good time. Not about to just sit at home, she accepts an invitation to a party and decides that if he can bail on her, she can go out and get some dick to keep her happy. Eliza intentionally picked out her sluttiest outfit, the clothes her boyfriend never let her wear in public and was ready to go out when she saw her stepbrother peeking into her room. She knows that he spends all day watching VR-Porn and jerking off to the hottest VR porn models in the world, so if anyone could tell her if she looked fuckable, it would be her stepbrother. You werent exactly sure how to respond when you saw her in the skimpy outfit, but the look in your eyes told Eliza what she needed to know. She was going to get some dick tonight. Seeing your cock start to grow in your pants, she decides that you should have a little fun before going out. She tells you her plan for the evening and invites you to take out your cock and stroke it while she gets herself off first. Since you seem so interested, she invites you to stay and watch as she wiggles her juicy ass out of her tight shorts and starts to rub her pussy. You clearly like what you see and that turns her on even more than the thought of getting fucked later. Your cock is just so big and so hard for her. She cums all over her fingers and wonders if he will still be up when she gets home. Maybe you can give her a nightcap?
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