Fuck Your Problems


Alexis Crystal knows firsthand that being married to a celebrity isn't always easy. She admits to her therapist, Lola Myluv that her famous husband is often gone for a long period of time. This leaves her lonely and lately, she has been thinking about other men. Alexis doesn't want to cheat and has tried watching hours of VR-Porn Scenes to help quench her desires. All that has done is to make her hornier than ever. Now she can't look at any many without thinking about his cock. Lola wants to help her patient and has just the thing to make her feel better. She calls in her assistant and orders him to take out his cock. Alexis is shocked and tries to look away, but her therapist has her open her mouth. She assures her that it will be OK. No one will ever know and she can finally get the satisfaction she craves. Alexis has never cheated before, but the taste of this stranger's meat in her mouth has her body responding and her juices flowing. Lola helps out, pushing on her head until she gags on his fat dick. Being naughty feels good and Lola helps guide his cock into Alexis' wet, cheating cunt. The stranger fucks her hard and deep while Alexis greedily laps at Lola's pussy to thank her for the intense release. Not to be left out, the blonde therapist ride's her assistant's big dick until she cums as hard as her patient. They fuck him until he explodes all over their faces. Alexis agrees that this is the kind of therapy she needs and makes another appointment for next week.
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