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VirtualTaboo Published on Feb 20, 2024
At first, you were happy when your wife found an exercise class that she enjoyed. It was a good chance for her to stay in shape and she seemed happy. Then she started going almost every night and never seemed to be around. Just about the time, you were starting to wonder if she had met a new guy and was seeing him on the side, she gave you a surprise. When you arrive at home you find that your wife has brought home a beautiful blonde from her class. She knows she has been neglecting you and has seen the VR-Porn you have been trying to hide. Her friend smiles and begins to play with your wife’s tits through her bra. Sit back, relax and enjoy the special VR show these two hot blondes have planned for you. Both of their bodies are trim and toned from all that time in the gym. They strip and get into a bubble bath, playing with each other and teasing you. Go ahead, take out your cock, your wife has bragged about how big it is and her friend wants to see it. Now stroke it while they finger each other. You watch your wife eating her new friend and having her own pussy licked. It is such a turn on you can barely contain yourself. They are all warmed up and your cock is ready to go. What next? Your wife suggests you put that big cock to use on their horny pussies. Do you think you have earned more than a show?
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