Heal Me Harder

Starring: Lana Roy

Lana is happy to have remained healthy throughout the pandemic. There are new lockdown laws and severe penalties for anyone who does not stay safe. When a government doctor knocks on her door she is frightened. No one in her home is sick. She and her husband have followed all the rules. Still, if the doctor is not satisfied with the examination, they could suffer stiff penalties. She knows he has the wrong house, but Lana wants to make sure that she does whatever he says. As he conducts his test, her mind wanders to her recurring fantasy of fucking a doctor. After proving that she is in good health, Lana reaches out and grabs the doctor by the crotch. She is pleased to find that his dick is hard and she takes it out without hesitation. While she works her mouth, the doctor helps her out of her clothes. Lana turns around, arches her back and pushes back then the doctor starts fucking her. He gives her pussy a few strokes to get his dick wet and then goes right to her ass. She has never even let her husband fuck her back there but knows she needs to do whatever he wants. His cock felt huge in her tight asshole as he picked up speed and his strokes went deeper between her cheeks. The horny doctor flipped her over and filled her backside with even more powerful thrusts. The harder he fucked, the more Lana craved his meat. He pulled her off his cock just in time to fill her mouth with his thick seed. Shocked by the volume, she enjoys the taste and the fulfilment of her naughty fantasy. Strap on your VR Headset and enjoy the stunning High Definition Virtual Reality action!
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