Passion For Being Watched

Starring: Lana Roy

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VirtualTaboo Published on Mar 1, 2024
Lana Roy is super excited. She has been living under quarantine for almost a year. During that time she spent a lot of time talking online with a guy who swiped right. Her conversations with him, and lots of hours under a VR Headset watching VR-Porn have been her only romantic and sexual outlets. Tonight is the night she finally gets to meet this new man and Lana has purchased a new dress for the occasion. She is nervous and wants a man’s opinion. The only one home is her step-brother so she invites him in and models the dress for him. Seeing the way your eyes travel over her body makes Lana feel horny and when she sees you trying to hide your hard on, she knows that the dress is a good one. She can tell that you like what you see and decides to tease you. Pulling up the bottom, she flashes her bare pussy at you and points out the huge bulge in your pants. Lana doesnt want to wait for her date. Her body needs attention and she offers to let you watch if you promise to stroke your big dick while looking at her. As hot as she looked in the dress, you like her even better naked. Seeing you pumping your big cock turns her on so much that she crams her fingers into her creamy cunt and cums all over herself. With meat like this in the house, meeting her mystery man can wait. Lana has other cocks to play with now.
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