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Youre Nothing But Toy Boy

Starring: Kyra Hot

darkroomvr VR Porn Profile
DarkRoomVR Published on Jun 2, 2023
Kyra Hot doesn't have time for dating. She has a high paying job and makes more than enough money to keep a solid stable to hot guys on the side to use sexually when the desire arises. One of her favourite aspects of this type of relationship is breaking in a new toy. She has a new young stud who reports to her for inspection and his first lesson. She likes what she sees, but has high standards when it comes to the cocks she enjoys. Kyra sits on the couch and gets a good look at the meat he is packing. She is pleased with the size and by the fact that he is already hard just from looking at her. When she has him wet and ready, Kyra turns around and sticks her ass high in the air. He fills her from behind, working deep and picking up speed. Kyra is pleased for the first time but knows he will need some more training. She has a VR Headset hooked up to make sure her sugar studs know just how she likes to be fucked. Settling in, she rides his cock, letting it fill her pussy while she bucks her hips and gets off on his firm, sizable erection. Finding the right spot, she fucks him hard and gets herself off. She is enjoying herself so much that she doesn't even realize when he shoots his load deep into her pussy. This is not part of the plan and she reminds him that he still has a lot to learn.
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