Price Of Hospitality

Starring: Jenny Doll
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DarkRoomVR Published on Jun 4, 2023
Jenny Doll is so excited to be visiting her uncle. It is her first trip to Prague and she has been waiting for years to see the city. Things do not go especially well when at the airport when she finds that her bag with her uncle's address has gone missing. Without her phone or directions, she does her best to find his house, but ends up far away in a completely different neighbourhood. It is raining and cold outside, so he takes a risk and goes into the house when the mysterious man offers her a place to get warm. She knows she will need a place to stay and offers to clean his house in return for a room for the night. While he is happy to let her stay, the man has a different form of payment in mind. Shocked at first, she knows this is the only way and agrees to his demands. He asks her to put on a show for him. Just like a VR-Porn Scene. Slowly taking off her clothes, Jenny feels his eyes all over her body as she strips for the stranger. Being watched turns her on and she can feel her nipples getting hard and her pussy growing wet. After taking one look at his big hard cock, Jenny knows she is about to experience something new. He has her on her knees sucking just long enough to get it wet before he slides it into her tight hole. His is without a doubt the biggest cock she has ever had inside of her and it gives her strange and wonderful new feelings. The stranger fucks her relentlessly until finally shooting his load deep inside of her pussy. As she feels it dripping from her body he tells her that this load is the first of many for the long night ahead.
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