I Make Rules Here

Starring: Liza Pinelli

Since her divorce, Liza Pinelli VR has found that her house is too large for her to live alone. She decides to rent out a room to a young college student. He is happy to have such a room in such a beautiful home and the rent is very reasonable. Liza explains the rules to her new tenant, especially the one prohibiting parties. She makes it clear that breaking this rule will result in punishment and possible eviction. Liza goes away on business but returns home a day earlier to find that her tenant has broken this rule. The house is a mess with obvious evidence of a party. In this VR porn scene, she finds the young man passed out in bed and decides he needs to be punished. He wakes up when she smacks him on the ass. Shocked, he knows he is in trouble and does not fight back when his mature landlady spanks him for breaking the rules. When she stops swatting his ass, Liza notices that he is holding his hands over his crotch. Just as she had hoped, the spanking has turned him on and now has a big hard boner. Grabbing it in her hands, she makes it clear what he must do. If he wants to continue living under her roof, the young stud needs to do anything she tells him to. What she wants is his hard young cock in her body and that is exactly what he is prepared to give her. After getting him wet in her experienced mouth, Lisa mounts her new stud and grinds until he is buried in her pussy. He fills her perfectly and gives her the sort of banging she has been craving. She milks him dry and takes his load all over his face. Now that he's broken the rule, this stud is hers to do with as she pleases.
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