Mom Deserves The Best

Starring: Liza Pinelli

In this VR porn video, Liza Pinelli comes home from shopping without a clue that her world is about to change forever. When she arrives, she finds her stepson waiting with a gift. She is a little confused since it is not her birthday, but he explains that it is International Women’s Day and he wants to honor her in the best way he can think of. She thanks you for the flowers and candy before noticing the huge dildo at the centre of the bouquet. Liza explains to you that your father ignores her needs, spends all of his time watching VR-Porn and never fucks her. You just thought she might like something to take care of her horny pussy. She thanks you for the generous gift, but has a better idea to take care of her needs. Taking your cock out of your pants, she finds him hard and much bigger than your father. Dropping to her knees Liza takes full advantage of the young and ready meat before her. It fits perfectly between her big-tits, but she quickly turns around and invites you to take her pussy from behind. It feels better than either of them could have imagined and Liza takes full advantage of your big cock, riding it and cumming harder than she has in years. She wants a taste of your seed and ends up with a huge load all over her face. She will still take the dildo but expects you to give her your attention again soon.
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