The Game You Will Remember


Eyla Moore is a beautiful young woman who discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating on her friend Sharon Wild. Breaking up with him is not going to be enough. Hurt and angry, she wants revenge. In this VR porn scene, she invites him over and tells him that she wants to play a kinky game. He agrees and finds himself bound and gagged with black tape. Helpless he listens as Eyla tells him that she knows about his affair with Sharon. She even brings her blonde friend into bed with them. He struggles, but cannot get away as they take his cock and tease him. One sits on his face while the other rides his dick. Getting to play with two hot women does not seem like punishment enough, so Eyla calls one of her male friends over to join the party. As soon as he arrives, the girls ignore Eyla's boyfriend and share the stranger's big cock. They decide to make use of both hard dicks as Sharon sits on his face while Eyla gets slammed from behind. The cheater can't see his girl getting fucked, but he is lucky enough to have their mouths and pussies working on his meat. As hot as Sharon is, he knows he never should have cheated on his girl, especially given how good she is at giving head. She and Sharon both love big, hard dick and ride the two guys to multiple orgasms. They both decide that the new guy is bigger and better and agree to dump Eyla's cheating boyfriend right after they share both loads.
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