Sharon Has It All

Starring: Sharon White

Things have been a little stale for Sharon White and her husband. After a few years of marriage, the spark is just done. On the advice of her close friend, Sharon went to a special boutique and bought some sexy lingerie. She also went through her husband’s things and found his VR Headset and a membership to a hot VR website to get an idea of what he likes. She decided to greet you after work in her new outfit and give you a show that would rival any of the hot VR-Porn he had been watching. You walked through the door and found your sexy blonde wife in a see-through fishnet bodysuit and was floored by how hot she looked in it. Happy to see your reaction to her outfit, she asks you to sit down and take out you cock while she shows off for you. Bending over a chair, she shows you how high the back to expose her ass. Maybe if this goes well, she might let you stick your big cock between her cheeks and fuck her tight ass. But first, she has more to show. Taking her outfit the rest of the way off, Sharon stood in front of you in just her high heels as you stroked your cock looking at her naked body. Spreading her legs, she dipped her fingers into her pussy, pumping the tight pink hole to match the tempo of your pumping. Faster and faster until you both came. That was round one, but tonight would be the night you reignited the flames of passion in your relationship.
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