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Special Meal For Special Sister

Starring: Alecia Fox

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 17, 2023
Hot blonde girl Alecia and her horny step bro decide to play a game of cards where the loser will have to do something for the winner. Stepbrother loses the game, so his sexy stepsis has him make her cornflakes. But, being a pervert that he is, this guy goes on to cum inside of the cereal bowl and takes a photo of himself doing it. Not knowing what he did, this desirable lass eats the cereal and compliments her bro on how tasty he has made it. Of course, her kinky stepbrother uses this opportunity to show her the photo of him cumming in the bowl, which initially shocks and disgusts this adorable stunner. The shock and disgust did not last that long, especially since the lusty stepsister actually liked the taste of his cum. Pulling her stepbro?s boner out of his pats, this desirable looker slid it into her open mouth and started sucking on it hard. After that, she took off her clothes to reveal her tiny tits and trimmed pussy before grabbing a hold of her bro?s big boner and sticking it deep inside of her for a ride. Turning her back towards the stepbrother, seductive Alecia went on to bounce on his member in the reverse cowgirl position before letting him hammer her orgasmic beaver from behind as she ate some more of the delicious cum cereal he made for her. This was apparently too much for the bro because upon seeing her doing that he pulled out his dick and came all over her cute ass.