Eat My Thong While Brother Fucks Me Strong

Starring: Alecia Fox

Alecia Fox is shocked when she comes home to find her boyfriend watching porn. Why would he do such a thing when he has a loving girlfriend at home? And why is he watching porn about brothers and sisters? Is he fantasying about his step-sister? Alecia knows she is is way hotter than his step-sister or any of the girls he is watching on the web site. Rather than getting angry, she convinces her boyfriend to stop watching and start playing with her instead. She tapes him up until he cant move and teases him with her gorgeous young body until he is begging to touch her. Instead of giving him what he wants, the beautiful blonde calls in her own step-brother. She tells him that she is tired of him always looking at other women and cheating. Today she is going to fuck a new cock and he is going to watch. Brother is shocked, but jumps at the chance to eat her pussy when she offers. With her boyfriend protesting and struggling, Alecia shuts him up by shoving her wet panties into his mouth. Brother slowly slides his cock into Alecia, making sister moan and declare loudly that he is much bigger than her cheating boyfriend. She fucks just inches away from him, flipping him the bird and reminding him that he will never again get to enjoy her body. Alecia has found a bigger and better cock and is only going to bang brother from now on.
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