Forgiveness Must Be Earned

Starring: Geisha Kyd

Geisha Kyd has landed her dream job. She works in IT for a fantastic company that pays well and comes with incredible benefits. However, the boss is a dark and mysterious man who does not suffer incompetence and has special ways of punishing employees when they screw up. Most are fired on the spot, but certain employees know that there are other ways to make up for a crucial blunder. After allowing the leak of key company passwords, Geisha shows up at her boss' home in proper attire that includes a collar and leash to show her regret and obedience. Her boss likes what he sees when Geisha wiggles her hips and presents her sexy round ass for his pleasure. Knowing that she still must earn his forgiveness, she takes his cock into her hand and dutifully licks every inch of the throbbing shaft. This works just fine as a warm-up, but he requires her other holes if she wants to be completely absolved. She has no problem bending over for him and granting him access to any part of her body that he likes. He fucks her with every inch of his dick, punishing her for her mistake and using her pussy for his pleasure. She rides his dick and swallows a big load of his cum. He decides that she has done enough to save her job, but reminds Geisha that if she fucks up again, it is going to cost her that ass.
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