The Real Deal

Starring: Geisha Kyd

Geisha Kyd is dying to get to the mall and do some shopping for her upcoming semester at school. She lost her car after too many tickets and an accident so she needs her stepdad’s car in order to go shopping. She knows he will say no if she asks, so she sneaks into his room and tries to find his keys in his jacket pockets. She finds the keys, but gets caught before she can get out of the room. Thinking quickly, she changes tactics and decides to see if she can offer you anything in exchange for the use of your car. She knows you think she’s hot. She has seen you looking at her and knows all about the taboo VR-Porn you watch when her mom isnt home. Now you can live out those fantasies with her. All you have to do is relax and let her suck your cock, and let her use the car of course. Once her lips are wrapped around your meat, you dont care about the car at all. She can take what she wants as long as she takes every inch of a hard dick you have for the naughty teen slut. You bend her over on the bed and slams her until your hips slap loudly against her firm young ass. Loving the way your big dick feels inside of her, she grinds her hips and bucks up and down on top of you. She throws her feet out wide and shows off her flexibility while she fucks you in ways she knows her mother cant. She rides your dick and swallows a big load of your cum.
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