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Highschool Spirit

Starring: Kate Rich

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Aug 1, 2023
Sexy Schoolgirl Kate Rich loves being a tease. She knows all the boys at her college notice her walking to and from class every day. Kate makes sure to dress in a way that will catch their attention. Her sexy tops always show off her flat belly and her skirts are short enough to show off her legs and assure that will be starring in the filthy fantasies of every guy on campus and a lot of the girls as well. It can be exhausting being such a tease all day, but Kate wouldnt have it any other way. Still, after a long day of strutting her stuff without panties under her schoolgirl skirt, even she cant wait to get some relief. She should be doing her homework but the tight teen tease clears off her desk for another purpose. Lifting her skirt, she feels the fresh air on her shaved-pussy and tiny titties. Her juices start flowing as she spreads her thin legs and lets her fingers travel to the areas all of her classmates wish they could touch. Since there are no cocks to play with, Kate makes do with her hands and her favorite pen. It fills her young pussy and helps Kate finish herself off with an earth shattering orgasm. Now that she has cum, she can settle down. There will be more time for teasing tomorrow, but now its time for a good schoolgirl to study.
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