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Taking Shower With Kate Rich

Starring: Kate Rich

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VirtualTaboo Published on Dec 18, 2023
Forbidden fantasies are nothing new for pretty young Kate Rich. Ever since her mom married her handsome new stepdad, she couldnt stop thinking about him. Her favorite way to start the day was in the shower with the hot water pulsing over her body and thoughts of fucking him in the bed he shares with her mother. One morning as she prepares for a shower father comes in looking for a towel. Kate catches him looking at her and knows it is as good a time as any to see if he shares her feelings for her or at least the fantasies. Kate lets her towel drop to the floor and stares at father. He cant take his eyes off of her tight nineteen year old body. Seeing that he is not leaving and seeing his cock hard through his pants, Kate is overcome with desire. With dad watching, Kate steps into the shower and lets her thoughts wander to his hands on her young body, his tongue on her nipples. Seeing him take his cock from his pants, Kate aims the stream lower and feels it caress her pussy and throbbing clit. Lost in her orgasm, Kate does not hear dad moan or see him off. Standing alone in the bathroom she spies a spot on the floor where he has left his load. Thinking of him cumming while watching her makes her horny again and she just has to finger herself one more time. Next time she wont let him get away without tasting that big yummy cock.
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