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Starring: Victoria Pure

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RealityLovers Published on Aug 20, 2023
Looks like summer is here, smouldering in the heat you can get all hot and bothered and rather sticky, watch out for “sticky Vicky”, Let’s meet the dreamy Victoria Pure, we might indeed wonder how pure she really is. Victoria is well known under various aliases, a Czech porn performer she’s pleasing our screens with her enticingly stunning face and hypnotising us with her ice-blue eyes. She’s reunited with an old friend. They are almost alone together except for our porn filming crew, in an elegant fresh white apartment. Victoria is a smooth talker, in fact, she looks as smooth as ice cream and we bet she likes orgasm cum cream dribbling down her lips too. She’s looking both hot and cool in a classy summer floral print dress, tipped off with powder pink high heels, matching her lipstick, and we will soon see her kinky pink panties. She’s clearly a very coordinated girl. Victoria loves the camera close-up and gives us a kiss on the camera with her soft pink lips. After a little chat with her friend, out pop her cheeky little tits, and those perky nipples match the pink from the lipstick on her face to the shoes on her feet. Maybe Victoria is Pure after all, but…. what’s this? She’s a horny little devil, “grab'em by the penis” is her game as she unbuckles the dick so that she can wank off the throbbing cock like an expert. This unsurprisingly leads to a deluxe blowjob as the guy's long stiff prick slips into her mouth for some more provocation. Will there be a “mess on the dress”? Let’s see. Having wanked off the guy to stiffen him up, it seems Victoria who’s chatting away wants to feel the warmth and width of the magic wand of the penis up her fanny, it looks like a tight joy slot and our VR rig is in place to get the money shot right in your face. Bingo, in he goes! Victoria is grinding his cock like a pro with a not so pure look on her face as she fucks after she sucks. Now onto a bit of fingering her sopping wet cunt. Her joy slot is dripping like a broken tap as she squeals at the delight of having her clit tickled. They change position, now a fuck with her back to us, what a sensational body she has and look at her long silky blonde hair drapes over her shoulders, we can almost smell her. She’s a really exciting babe, loves to put her face right up to the camera and we bet you will be beating one-off watching her, Victoria Pure is the real deal of a porn star. We’ve had the treat to beat to a truly stunning babe, who pumped prick, sucked dick and lavished us with her talkative charms right up to the camera, what a beauty, what a babe. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.