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I Fisted A Girl


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RealityLovers Published on Sep 18, 2023
Every now and then we bring you a real blockbuster. Imagine the scenario, although you don’t even have to do that as you can watch the show. Two sizzling hot babes, a blonde and a brunette, we meet them having a chat with a bunch of dildos and they seem to have a fist full of options. Looks like these two firecrackers will need a bit of lubrication, especially for an anal invasion. The blonde seems wide open for the experience, she’s got plenty of it and a little purple pussy dildo is not adventurous enough for her as she opens her legs with her fantastically shaved cunt right in our VR view. They get down to business with the brunette slipping a massive fist sized dildo into her pussy, she tells us that’s, “just boring”! They move into the bedroom together, the brunette nakedly laying on the bed, we get you so close with VR. The blondes having her pussy lips massaged, wide open and wet, you haven’t seen anything yet. It’s time to fist the blonde's cunt, up her hand goes deep inside. No watches please, you might lose one. Blonde flips over giving us the ass money shot and guess what, she wants the fist up her ass, she rides the fist like a pro. Now she turns to face us for some fanny fisting fun, she clearly loves having her orifices tested to capacity. These two girls definitely are exploring each other's needs, it's time for the brunette to see some pussy love. The blonde gets right in our face and starts playing with her wet slippery lips, she's not up for fists, fingers are her thing. You have to hand it to these two girls, they put on quite a show in every hole it can go. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.