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VR Dirty Delivery 2

Starring: Anie Darling

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RealityLovers Published on Sep 14, 2023
You’re at home, you want something to satisfy your urges and cravings. Would you like a tasty delivery, how about something hot, sticky with a juicy taste, finger-licking, something two can share and it’s XXL? Anie Darling’s ordered a pizza, she needs something filling, she glides into the room dressed in a decadent black silky outfit, a classy brunette with her puckered lips glossy red, she almost looks ready for bed. Our cheeky delivery guy seems to have slipped into her box and nibbled Anie’s slice. She can’t believe it as she stands there with a feather in hand. He’s been a very naughty fella she thinks, so he’ll have to make it right by giving Anie delight. She seems to like the look of our man, Anie’s a little wet, pulling down her panties, it seems she wants to see how good he is with a slice of hot wet juicy pussy. He happily goes down on her shaven haven, his tongue licking her throbbing clit as she shivers with arousal as her cunt gets wet with joy juice. Now our man looks like he's going to slip into her very own tasty slices of pussy lips with his rock-hard salami. Just like the pizza we can see in VR that he’s XXL as she swallows his dick deep into her fanny. Now it’s time to change the position of delivery as he bends Anie over fucking her soaking wet pussy from behind. The intensity shows on her face as she squeals like a stuck piggy. Now Anie’s fanny is on top as she rides his sizable penis, she’s struggling with the girth of it testing her pussy lips width as she moans away wetting herself with cum juice dribbling down his dick. Our VR rig catches it all, right in your face. An exhausted Anie takes cock delivery from our pizza guy upside down as he treats her to the experience of “sex-perience”. Her tits wobble away as they reach the climax. Looks like they both enjoyed the salami surprise pizza delivery, right between her legs. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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